Vitalify Studio

Our games introduction

Introducing the game developed by our company, Vitalify Asia. We develop games in a wide range of genres, with a focus on casual games. I made it with the intention of creating a game that all players can enjoy. Each game will be updated with additional content from time to time.

We would be happy if you could download it and play with it. If you find any of the games we have developed interesting, please write a review on the download page of the app, it will encourage us in the future.

HotDog TD

It's a tower defense game!
Survive waves of enemies approaching you. Your strategy is the key. You can strengthen your allies with coins acquired during the game. How would you strengthen your allies?

[ how to play ]

- Place characters before the wave starts.

- Coins are required to install new characters.

- Press the "Start" button to start the wave.

Joggle - Fitness at Home

Would you like to stay healthy in your room?

This app just runs on the spot.

Place your device on a stable surface so that your device's camera can detect you. All you have to do is jog on the spot.

Roam the open fields and go on adventures from your room.

Silly Walkers

A little frustrating but funny.

Reach the goal while avoiding obstacles. The difficulty increases as you clear each stage. 

How many stages can you reach?

[ how to play ]

-.When you tap the screen, the character raises its leg.

- When you take your finger off the screen, the character puts its foot down.

Pixel Puzzle Kingdom!

The best pixel art puzzles.

Solve challenging puzzles and complete beautiful pixel art.

There are many different types of puzzles.

Draw Smiles

A hilarious 2D drawing game.

People in this town are very sad.

Draw something for them and make them smile.

They need your help!

Imagine and draw what they need in every situation. Solve problems with your ideas and inspiration!

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Google Play Store - Vitalify Asia Co.,Ltd.

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2D / 3D design collection

We provide high quality creative production from pop 2D designs to realistic 3D designs.

Here are some of the designs we have created in our studio.

We have many more designs in the works, so be sure to check out our Behance page. You can go to the site from the button at the bottom of this page.
We can also undertake design production, so if you are interested, please contact us from the inquiry form below.

Introducing the 3D models.

We designed the character design, monsters, weapons, items, and background production. We did all the modeling, texturing, rigging, and motion ourselves.

We create designs in all styles, cartoon, semi-realistic and realistic. In some cases, also create architectural perspectives.

The created 3D models are often used in games developed in-house.

[ Design tools ]

Blender, ZBrush, 3dx max, Substance Painter, Maya.

[Free release & download] 

3D model data of the new coronavirus ~ Confirmable with WebAR ~

Our Unity studio UDL (Unity Development Lab) specializes in creating 3D models regardless of the object. it is a coronavirus (2019-nCoV), it seems that many people have a hard time imagining what it looks like. Therefore, we created 3D modeling data this time and released it for free on this page. It can be used freely for various purposes such as news reporting, education, and enlightenment activities.

Download 3D

The file contains 3D data and textures in OBJ format. Depending on the model, it is also possible to output with a 3D printer. Click to download from GoogleDrive.

Introducing the 2D illustrations.

Our studio specializes in cute illustrations. You can create illustrations of characters and backgrounds.

I am also working on adding movement to characters using Spine and After Effects.

We will continue to update better designs with the goal of original and distinctive creative production.

[ Design tools ]

Photoshop, illustrator, AfterEffect, Spine

We are an offshore development company based in Vietnam.

We specialize in game development, AR/VR application development, 2D illustration production, and 3D modeling.

We can develop applications in a wide range of fields other than the above, so please feel free to contact us.

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